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Netfilter (iptables) Tips & Tricks

Netfilter (aka iptables) is how you stop any intrusions. As an example, PSAD can recognize attack patterns, but it is Netfilter that is then used to stop any communcations from getting a response. In otherwords, Netfilter can be told to ignore incoming requests; essentially making the server unreachable.

vi cheat sheet

Command of the day :.,$s/find-this-string/replace-with-this-string/g     Quitting :x Exit, saving changes :wq Exit, saving changes :q Exit as long as there have been no changes ZZ Exit and save changes if any have been made :q! Exit and ignore any changes Motion h Move left j Move down k Move up l Move right w Move to next word...

How To Fix a missing eth0 adapter after moving HDD from one machine to another

Debian/Ubuntu Linux : How To Fix a missing eth0 adapter after moving HDD from one machine to another. Explanation : Debian and Ubuntu write the MAC address of the ethernet adapter to a file that prevents the eth card in the new machine from being recognized. Delete the lines in this persistent-net.rules file and upon reboot, linux will see the...

Linux Debian How To Backup System and Data

Command of the Day :: You want to backup a remote machine (server) from a local (desktop) onto the local; type on local/desktop: sudo rsync -azv -e "ssh -i /home/username/.ssh/id_rsa" username@server.seleads.com:/home/username/ /home/username/server_backup_on_local_desktop username@server.seleads.com:/home/username/ (this is the server login and directory being backed up) -i /home/username/.ssh/id_rsa (if you do not want to use password authentication – key is on local/desktop) ——————–...