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VSEO is Only Growing

VSEO or Video SEO continues to grow in Importance Many businesses don’t think about using video to grow their traffic mostly because they have not yet tried it. I, and some of my clients who have tried it are surprised at how well it can work. You might be surprised to find (or maybe you won’t) that people don’t read,...

How Do You Spend Your Ad Dollars?

Are you really still paying for Yellow Pages? (Newspaper ads, Magazine ads) Almost all consumers SEARCH for what they intend to buy. (97%) Are you spending hard-earned $ targeting that 3%? How is that working out? YouTube gets 300 million visitors a month. Do you have a video of/for your business on Youtube? What if you could reach 2% of...

Site Authority and What it Means to Search Rank

It is generally accepted that what is called your “site authority” is the #1 contributor to your search rank. There is ever-changing opinion about how site authority is calculated, but almost all SEOs agrees its the biggest piece of the puzzle. What is site authority?  Its a combination of a few things; How long your domain has been registered. How long your domain...

The Dangers of Social Media

The Dangers of Social Media to Your Business | in their mad rush to use social media businesses have overlooked the danger to their customer base. Competitors can easily see who your clients are and market to them with ease. Its like publishing your client list and mailing it to your competition.

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