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Google Adwords Express vs Google Adwords

If you are a small business and have recently setup your Google Places Page, you’ll see a link to start your Google Adwords Express Account right there – front and center. Google Adwords Express is what I will call the dumbed down version of Adwords. How dumb? OK. Its a good idea to make Adwords simple for the busy sole-proprietor-business-owner-who-hasn’t-got-the-time to learn the...

The Dangers of Social Media

The Dangers of Social Media to Your Business | in their mad rush to use social media businesses have overlooked the danger to their customer base. Competitors can easily see who your clients are and market to them with ease. Its like publishing your client list and mailing it to your competition.

Should I buy that Domain Name from a Squatter?

It is very common to get a mass (spam) email asking if you want to buy a domain name related to your business.  Here’s an example that just came in: Hello ____, my name is Margaret Grady with Fast Moving Domains. will be listed for sale in the next couple of days. You are one of 50 companies/individuals who...

Google Drops 3rd Party Reviews

Have you noticed your review count has drastically been reduced? That’s because Google has dropped all 3rd party reviews. You will see this on your Google Maps listing or in your Google Places account. I’ve been encouraging clients for many years to increase their effort to get reviews in Google Reviews from their customers, while encouraging them to ignore Yelp,...

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