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Fail2ban Mysql Database to Manage Persistent Bans

Step 1 Create Database and Tables in MySQL Add a “source” field for the server name if you want to use a remote database setup (and add it to the UNIQUE KEY). The UNIQUE KEY prevents duplicates of course. But this means you can refresh the perl script without handling duplicates there which would complicate things considerably. CREATE TABLE iptable...

Tunnel MySQL Over SSH

Assuming On a “remote.com” server that we will connect to from our LocalMachine 1) MySQL database named “database” 2) MySQL database is running on remote server “remote.com” 3) MySQL is running and listening on (standard) localhost:port “” 4) MySQL username “mysql_user_name” 5) MySQL password “mysql_password” 6) SSH must be listening on port 9999 7) SSH AllowUsers “ssh_user_name” 8) SSH password...

Fix Magento Missing Images In Checkout Cart

When moving a magento instance to a new server, it seems the product cache exhibits some very strange behavior making a fix to the new server almost impossible after the fact. That means the problem is an imprecise backup and transfer process. The problem seems to be a result of a mismatch between the database and some files (cache).