A local SEO Statistic

I ran across this SEO statistic:

43% of internet searches performed today use a local keyword.  86% of those searches convert to a phone call or visit to the physical location.

I’m searching for more validation on this statistic. From my experience it seems reasonable, at least the first part. I have actually seen in Analytics Reports, that more than 30% of local searches are now performed on a mobile device. And that is an increase from about 25% a year ago. That’s significant. The problem has been determining how many searches result in a visit. Even employing coupons on Google Places does not guarantee tracking. Tracking numbers are more problematic than they are worth. Google Places TOS once explicitly banned tracking numbers, and there is a reason why as will be better understood after Google Comparison Ads are more widely deployed. (more on that later)

But the main reason conversion statistics for local search conversion is so nebulous is because proprietors or salespeople simply cannot be coerced to ask the customer; “How did you find us?”

Other Sources of SEO Statistics: (Chances are you landed here seeking some SEO Stats to take back for your research. Unfortunately you may have found as I did, that there are so many SEOs optimizing their posts for “SEO Statistics” and other keyword phrases where the post is NOT RELEVANT,  that it is difficult to sort the useless posts from those that have some real data about SEO Statistics. I thought it would save you some time by link those I found useful. And as a “thank you” to them for their hard work.)

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