After Installing Debian 7 Desktop

Checklist of things to do after installing Debian Gnome

The first problem you have with a brand new linux (Debian/Ubuntu) install is the user is not setup in sudoers. So first thing:

login as root

sudo adduser username sudo
sudo vi /etc/sudoers

give permissions to your new user – below root
username ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL
alternately – unsecure

more…Add Users – Manage Users – Change Passwords

Install BASH as Default Shell

Install Truecrypt (assuming you use it, re. backup/storage device)

Install Devices (if they are necessary for basic functionality)

RAT5 mouse

Disable Tracker on Startup

sudo apt-get remove tracker
sudo apt-get install rfkill
sudo vi /etc/rc.local

and add this before line exit 0

rfkill block bluetooth

HERE Install all my favorite applications and tools, etc. Its important to do this before the next step, because on a desktop environment that I use for development, I don't want apache or fail2ban running everyday (on reboot) - only when I need them.

Now you can Remove applications from RC (starting up on boot)

Change the default editor

Enable Colors in Terminal

Show Desktop Icons

Edit Grub

Install Rsync (assuming you use it)

Install Intel Wifi (assuming you need to)

Install VirtualBox (assuming you use it)

Disable Tracker

Settings for Pulseaudio

sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev

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