Certified SEO for Small Business

Here is both a lesson for those of you seeking an SEO Professional and a good laugh for SEOs.

One day I stumbled upon SEOCertification.org thinking, No SEO Bullshit Here“hmmm, maybe I should get one of these slick Certified images that will convince visitors to my site that I know what Im doing?”. I had seen this SEO certification image before. I see lots of them actually, and I have none. Maybe that is a problem?

SEO Certified Professional

SEO Certified Professional

So I search for SEO Certification and right there in #2 spot was SEOBullshit. I have to admit, Im a big fan of SEOBullshit, so I just had to read… I echo this post because I couldn’t say it any better. (If you are a fellow SEO, please visit SEOBullshit and pay your respects. Its a good read too.)

“We SEO professionals see bullshit every single day so admittedly the most surprising thing to me is that I’m capable of still being surprised at all with the sheer level of stupidity run rampant in our industry.”

And sure enough, what I (we) see everyday is exactly some “SEO professional” doing something outrageously stupid like this:

“they didn’t even apply one of the most basic SEO fundamentals: Canonicalization”


What is so special about this – two years later and its still not been fixed. I don’t think I’m going to rush over and pay them to certify me.

“Crap. I must be doing something wrong. Here I was under the impression it took years to hone your skills in this industry but apparently the geniuses at seocertification.org managed to compress all that information down into a digestible 3 day study guide.”

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