How to Edit the DNS of your Domain Name

This is how to Edit the DNS of your Domain Name (example here is for GoDaddy) The general method is similar at most hosts.

An “A record” connects your domain name to your server IP address. This is what allows users to type your domain name in a Web browser to access your website. The DNS (domain name service) translates the name of your website into the numbers of your server. (this is called resolving an address).

We want to “point” our domain name at a new server (host). This is normally very easy to do, but GoDaddy has a notoriously convoluted website. (only a mother could love) So just do your best to get to what you see in the images below. If it scares you to do it alone, support can do it for you in under 10 minutes. Once logged in;

You’ll want to Launch the Domain Manager – click the Launch button


Choose the domain you want to change ( in this example) and you will get the screen below

Now choose the DNS Zone File tab


Now click the Edit button. You will now see the zone file. But we are only interested in the first bit – the A (Host) record


Click the Quick Add button and you will now see an empty box below the existing one


You will do two things here:

  1. type @ in the Host box and the new servers IP address in the Points-to box
  2. on the OLD IP address box (the top one), to the far right, click the RED X button to delete the old record. (mouse over to see the RED X)

You want only 1 line with the new IP address in the Points to box. Now click the Save Zone File button to the top-right.

DONE. Your DNS change takes some time, but generally not the 48 hours everyone mentions. Often it takes effect in moments if you live close to the datacenter – longer if you live far away.

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