Virus and Trojan Advice

Install more than 1 browser on your computer. 3 is ideal.

Only read email with one (Iceweasel is my preferred) and only THAT ONE. On THAT ONE install the plugins:
HTTPS Everywhere
No Script (don’t enable any suspect websites to run scripts)
Click&Clean (use it)

Dont open email that you are not certain it is safe. If it comes from a friend and looks suspicious, use the old-fashioned telephone and ask if they sent something? If it has some funky subject like “I just won the lottery” (really! would friends send email like that? (maybe need new friends;)) don’t open it. You CAN miss and occasional email.

Using a Virtual Machine like VirtualBox – a great way to quarantine viruses and trojans. And if you think you got one, throw the VM away and start fresh in only a few minutes. Don’t know what a VM is? – Google it and if you need help, email me.

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