How To Install Bing Sitemap on Apache

if you redirect a page after it was 200 previously, it will still show up in the Sitemap for some time. until the configured time decay has passed which is configurable using the VisitTimeoutSec setting.

Configuring the Makefiles:
1. Change to the root directory (ie, parent of this directory containing the
2. Ensure ‘configure’ has executable permissions (ie, ‘chmod +x configure’)
3. Run ‘./configure CXXFLAGS=-O2’

Building and Configuring the Apache plugin module: mod_ssp.
1. Change to ‘Apache/module’ directory.
2. Run ‘make’.
3. Run ‘make install’ as root. This will install the module in
Apache’s module folder and enable the module in the appropriate
conf file.
4. Configure the module by editing module’s configuration file (ie, ssp.load):
a. Set the output filter for the plugin site (required):

SetOutputFilter ssp

b. Set the following configuration options (optional):
1. SSPWorkDir [data directory]
Note: [data directory] must be created and have read/write access
for the Apache module user (ie, ‘www-data’). If not set,
the data directory defaults to ‘/var/local/Microsoft/SitemapPlugin’.
2. SSPSharedMemSize [size in MB]
Note: Default is 256. This is the shared memory used accross Apache’s
child processes.
2. SSPPrivateMemSize [size in MB]
Note: Default is 64. If shared memory can not be used, then each child
process will have private memory allocated.

Building and Configuring the service: ‘sspservice’.
1. Change to ‘Apache/service’ directory.
2. Run ‘make’.
3. Run ‘make install’ as root to copy the executable into the bin/ folder.
4. Configure the cron table entry to run the merge service once per day. The
service must run as the same user as the apache module.

Usage: sspservice [data directory] [publishing mode] [help ssp mode]
[data directory]:
The data directory used by the sitemap plugin module.

[publishing mode]:
0 for preview mode, or
1 for publish both robots.txt & sitemaps (Default).

[help ssp mode]: help the Bing sitemap plugin to improve quality
0 for no, or
1 for yes (Default).

Example: One can configure root’s cron table to run the service as
‘www-data’ user every 6 hours to publish the sitemap and robots.txt
from the ‘/var/local/Microsoft/SitemapPlugin’ directory:

0 */6 * * * sudo -u www-data /usr/local/bin/SSPService /var/local/Microsoft/SitemapPlugin 1 1