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Does Paid Search Actually Work or is it just an Advertising Racket?

Its not uncommon to find new-comers to the online advertising business have a natural skepticism about paid search advertising. Lets look at an actual recent campaign and the results. Here is what a client said after initiating an aggressive Google Adwords campaign.

Try Location Extensions Without Address Overrides

What does it mean when you get the message in Google Adwords “Try location extensions without address overrides“? If you setup your Adwords campaign using a Custom Location (such as 20 mile radius around your zip code) AND you entered a Places Extension separately, Google displays this message as a warning that you may be using conflicting Locations that might...

Rarely Shown Due To Low Quality Score

You’ll see this annoying message in Google Adwords on the Keywords tab in the Status column “Rarely shown due to low quality score“. What does it mean? And what effect does it have on your ads being served or not? (It depends on your keyword/ads strategy) But as you can see in the image, a short-tail keyword HIGHLY relevant to...