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SSH Reverse Tunnel Not Working Mystery

When using autossh to create a reverse tunnel, sometimes, mysteriously (for the moment), on the remote server, the connect is refused, returning this message in syslog/messages autossh[7451]:{port}: Connection refused The problem is autossh process is running (pid 7451) but frozen ( thats the mystery ) The solution: sudo kill $(ps aux | grep ‘autossh’ | awk ‘{print $2}’)

Setup SSH for Accessing Remote Server Without Password

On the Remote Server Logged in As User or as root but in users home sudo mkdir ~/.ssh sudo chmod 700 ~/.ssh && chmod 600 ~/.ssh/* On you local (desktop) assuming you have already created your GPG Keys cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh 'cat – >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys'

Tunnel MySQL Over SSH

Assuming On a “” server that we will connect to from our LocalMachine 1) MySQL database named “database” 2) MySQL database is running on remote server “” 3) MySQL is running and listening on (standard) localhost:port “” 4) MySQL username “mysql_user_name” 5) MySQL password “mysql_password” 6) SSH must be listening on port 9999 7) SSH AllowUsers “ssh_user_name” 8) SSH password...