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Perl Modules won’t Install on Debian Server

/usr/bin/make — NOT OK Failed during this command: Anytime you cannot get a Perl package to install, here is the likely problem. Run these: sudo apt-get install build-essential What is wrong : a Debian Server install intentionally does not contain development tools for security and efficiency reasons. So when you attempt to run Perl, you find that you can’t get...

Debian 7 Restart Network

Im using Debian Wheezy (7) desktop with DHCP. I had problems switching from wired to wireless and back, etc. I found that following other instructions did not work. The network will go down no problem;

Fix 64 bit Google Talk Plugin Linux

Credit for this fix belongs here but I have copied it here for ease of access Download the 64-bit .deb from: http://www.google.com/tools/dlpage/res/talkvideo/hangouts/ Create a tmp dir: mkdir tmp Extract the contents of the .deb to the tmp dir: dpkg-deb -x google-talkplugin_current_amd64.deb tmp Extract the control files: dpkg-deb –control google-talkplugin_current_amd64.deb tmp/DEBIAN Fix the dependency: sed -i "s/lib32v4l-0/libv4l-0/" tmp/DEBIAN/control Repackage the .deb:...