Setup a LAMP Server on Debian or Ubuntu

This setup is for Virtual Host server – not a dedicated server with a single domain

SSH to your server
ssh root@IP
Update Debian/Ubuntu
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade --show-upgraded -y
Create User

How To Create a User in Linux

Setup SSH for Remote Access With GPG Keys – No Password

How To Setup SSH for Remote Access

IMPORANT – Block All Traffic to your Server While You Set it Up

Block All Traffic (but mine) to a new Server

Achtung! Do not install Apache/MySQL/PHP before hostname is set exactly the way you want it.

Edit hosts file on the remote server (not your local pc).

sudo vi /etc/hosts

add after ( localhost) server1

Be careful with this line (above), its easy to leave the last part off (server1) and cost hours tracking down what went wrong.

sudo vi /etc/hostname

add this only line


Check if hostname is Set Correctly

output should be


hostname -f

should be

Set timezone
sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
Solve Future DNS Problems with OpenDNS

Bullet-Proof Your DNS

Install Rsync

Install Rsync

Install Apache

Install Apache

Install MYSQL Server

Install MYSQL Server

Install PHP

Install PHP for WordPress

Harden LAMP

Harden LAMP

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