Unix-Linux Does Not Require Disk Defrag

I’m a convert to Linux in the last several years. I don’t remember when it happened exactly, but I vividly remember the first time I (tried to) used Microsoft Office 2007, I was sure I was on the right path. Recently some friends have asked me why they should make the migration to Linux. I can list many reasons, but this one stands out because it reveals the deeper DNA of the “two paths”.

Why Windows OS is inferior in a significant way. Or why Linux is a superior operating system.

Linux allocates files in an intelligent way. Instead of placing multiple files near each other on the hard disk, Linux file systems scatter different files all over the disk, leaving a large amount of free space between them. When a file is edited and needs to grow, there’s usually plenty of free space for the file to grow into. If fragmentation is required, the file system will attempt to move the files around to reduce fragmentation in normal use, without the need for a defragmentation utility.

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