What if your Internet Marketing firm cannot determine why your website does not appeal to search engines? (have you asked?)

Internet Marketing ≠ Webmastering

Internet Marketing requires a Website to which all traffic is destined. A website requires a server (computer) on which to reside.

Webmastering is the care and feeding of servers (and the websites on them).


Webmastering is the skill required to debug, repair and maintain websites. This task is almost always delegated to the Internet Marketing firm or SEO specialist whether they realize it is their primary task or not.

SEO + Webmastering

Another way to say it is competent Internet Marketing requires (Search Engine Optimization) SEO, and SEO requires the skill of Webmastering.

A website must appeal to both visitors and search engines. A website must satisfy a broad set of complex needs.

A website must be “friendly” to search engines. That means it must allow search engines to navigate (index) the information it contains. You will hear the term “search engine friendly” everywhere SEO is discussed.

Internet Marketing = SEO + Webmastering

The title Webmaster is seldom associated with Search Engine Optimization. Therefore those SEOs without webmaster skills are really just Internet Marketeers. I like to make this distinction because it is my belief that the Art of SEO requires all the skills incorporating Webmastering, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.