Joomla Install Extensions Manually Using Rsync/SSH

I’m very surprised how few solutions (How To Guides) there are out there for this issue. If you don’t use FTP to upload to your server (for security reasons), here’s how to install extension in Joomla using SSH(Rsync).

That tells me the Joomla community is largely OK with FTP and getting hacked because of it. (there are certainly no shortage of hacking complaints) I’m not OK with FTP. Use SSH/Rsync and disable FTP for a better life.

For a very good video, see How to install Joomla extensions manually. But missing is any discussion about permissions, which I have added here.

You will need Rsync for this example. Rsync uses SSH.

Download extension to local/desktop.

Unzip to a directory(folder) of your choosing.

Upload the folder from your local machine to your remote server using Rsync.

Login using SSH to your remote server.

Delete all files in the /tmp directory (if any exist) of your Joomla site, EXCEPT index.html

Copy the CONTENTS (the extension files) of the uploaded directory to the /tmp directory of your Joomla site.

NOW HERE is the bit everyone else seems to omit PERMISSIONS and it causes all kinds of errors. Witness (just Google) all the discussions for the following error messages:

JFolder::create: Could not create directory
Install path does not exist

Setting the permissions of any CMS is a particular issue warranting a separate page Joomla Permissions.

After changing permissions too 777, go to your Joomla site > Administrator > Extensions > Extension Manager, use the Install From Directory (option #2), which should have the /tmp at the end of the install directory path.

Be sure to change permissions back to normal before exiting you remote server.

If you are new to Joomla and/or you found this lifesaver, please Google+ or link back even better Thanks!