Magento Fixes

Clear Magento Cache

If something breaks, this is the best place to start. Often the reason Magento crashes is due to someone doing something stupid. Stupid in Magento translates to “enabling or disabling extensions without first disabling the compiler”.

sudo /shell php -f compiler.php clear
sudo /shell php -f compiler.php disable
sudo rm -Rf /var/www/magento/var/cache/*
sudo rm -Rf /var/www/magento/var/session/*

Clear Magento Cache

Verbose Error Code Display
sudo cp /errors/local.xml.sample /errors/local.xml

refresh error page in browser

Turn Verbose Error Code Display Off
sudo rm /errors/local.xml
Magento Extension Modules Locate

cd ../app/etc/modules

Magento Extension Modules Activate – Deactivate Magento Modules
sudo vi xyz_module.xml

change true or false

Optimize Magento

Magento Optimization