Yacy Crashes

What else is new? As all new Yacy hosts inevitably find, Yacy crashes like a fine crystal vase but more often.

Once installed, everything seems fine, then suddenly boom! Its crashed and there is no message indicating what went wrong. And there is nothing in search results to help the non-java-programmer. On the Yacy forum, there are no pointers to the log file that would explained what the problem is – not making it easy for the beginner!

I understand that open source developers need to make money, but the public is not going to donate if they cannot even get to the part where the product helps them find something that Google has hidden from them.

In the spirit, Im going to attempt to document common issues and we all hope that Google indexes these posts (they don’t mind competition).

For this post, I’ll deal with the first issue I encountered. Go to the /yacy directory and run ./reconfigureYACY.sh

Increase the memory to something reasonable/generous for your machine.

More to follow.

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