The Dangers of Social Media

A post on Search Engine Journal (Hate Facebook? 3 Glaring Reasons Not To Expose Your Community) makes a very good point. Businesses have overlooked the danger to their hard-won customer base in their mad rush to use social media. Competitors can easily see who your clients are and market to them with ease. Its like publishing your customer list.

“It’s very easy to find competitors’ Facebook followers’ profiles. Once identified, it’s so easy to jump in and participate in conversation threads with another businesses’ community. Also Facebook Ads targeting mechanism is a deadeye weapon of war with which to target communities’ that competitors have sweat bullets and treasure to assemble.”

Perhaps an opportunity? Your competition may have a large fan base on Facebook. Who moves first; you or your competition? It might be prudent urgent to keep a close eye on your Facebook Pages (posts) and scrutinize your fans. Also pay attention to ads that display with your Page(s).

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