Edit “Other Applications List” in Unity Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop

When installing Padre IDE on Ubuntu Desktop, I found Ubuntu (12.04) does not recognize it as an already installed program. So when trying to open a Perl file for editing using right-click, its a dead end – Padre was nowhere to be found. I wasted an hour looking for the answer; found it here > Ubuntu 12.04 Add Program to List of Applications in “Open With” When Right-Clicking Files in Nautilus

My example is for Padre, but this applies to any program. My notes:

sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/padre.desktop

add %f after the program name, like so:

Exec=padre %f

That’s it. But if you need more explanation, visit ubuntugenius’s site, they did a nice job with the details. (hope my link helps promote the fix – thanks ubuntugenius! BTW, you’d get better search preformance with a non-wordpress.com subdomain – which means I would have found the fix quicker) Using free websites generally handicaps your search visibility.

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