VSEO is Only Growing

VSEO or Video SEO continues to grow in Importance

Many businesses don’t think about using video to grow their traffic mostly because they have not yet tried it. I, and some of my clients who have tried it are surprised at how well it can work. You might be surprised to find (or maybe you won’t) that people don’t read, but they will watch your video. So blog your brains out and miss a large potential audience.

You say you don’t know what you would do in a video? The same thing you would blog about. And if you need to get over that speed-bump, you would answer the same questions you get everyday from your customers;

  • What is it…?
  • How to…?
  • How much…?
  • Where is it…?

For my How To VSEO go to my DIY-SEO section and check out my notes on Video Search Engine Optimization.

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